Here and there we started to see interactive content that catches our eye. However, many companies are still reluctant in using traditional content, let alone innovative assets requiring a lot of work to create.

We’ve analyzed a few interesting interactive content types easy to implement, which will not only speak to your audience but will make them fall in love with your content instantly.

Interactive Infographics

Infographics are graphical descriptions of statistical data, easy to grasp pieces of information, relevant to a specific topic. It may be a huge challenge to create a compelling interactive infographic, but the advantage is that you can promote it across multiple channels to drive traffic from a myriad of sources. As an example, check out Arsenal’s infographic on team’s away records for 2015/2016. It makes you ask for more, isn’t it?

Interactive eBooks and whitepapers

We all love reading. However, business related topics are not always telling the most exciting story there is (unless you hire the right copywriter). But you can make it so by putting it in the right format. Interactive eBooks can let users customize the content based on their profile and interests. They can be led through a brand discovery journey with beautiful images and relevant content, while you get to know them better. See how Samsung designed their interactive eBook to promote Samsung Galaxy TabPro S.

Interactive Facebook posts.

Did you ever imagine you could make social media even more interactive? Well, it’s possible. Facebook posts can indeed have a soul of their own. Here is an example of interactive recipe, published by

Why would you use interactive content

Reason number one. Remember the times before Internet era? How in the world did any business manage to spread to word out? It’s even hard to imagine it. And then the websites emerged: people could actually click a button and send an inquiry. And then the print catalogues turned into slide shares, the books into eBooks, the seminars into webinars. And then billions of apps and platforms, uncountable types of devices invaded our lives, making it harder than ever for any business to guess where their audience is. Going interactive is just the next logical thing to do. Making the experience as interactive as possible increases the chances of reaching your audience through all that media noise.

Reason number two. Remember all those forms people are not filling in because they have too many fields? What is your job title, what technology you’re interested in, how big is your team? Now you can ask all those questions you were afraid of and actually get an answer.

Reason number three. It’s easily shareable. People are more likely to share interactive content than a simple PDF file. They are also more inclined to share graphical content rather than simple text. Even more so, if the design is impressive, they will share it even if the basic information would not be shared as it is.

Depending on your business area, there are countless ways to create interactive content, including interactive maps, lookbooks, videos, etc.

Making your audience fall in love with your content is easier than ever. Do you have an original content idea? Share it with us!

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