When you choose LeadMark, you choose to work with leaders in creative marketing.
Marketing strategy
We provide the tools you need in order to achieve your long-term goals and grow your business steadily.
Content Marketing
We’ll create smart and relevant content that will help you tell your story in a powerful, professional way.
Digital Campaigns
A complex mix of tools, channels and actions we’ll provide to reach your customers where they are.
Social Media
Get access to full-service social media management in order to promote your business through various channels.

What our clients say

“We recommend them for any job that requires creativity and experience in managing digital tools. We will definitely continue to work with them.” ~ Christoph Protzek, Owner at Protzek

We work with Cristina since 2016, when we started to increase our business development efforts for the French market. Cristina initially helped us with the market analysis and the market plan, ...

“They surpassed our expectations, by doing a great job in communicating our message to a broader audience” ~ Yves Dudal, Owner at Inofea

I have been working with Cristina since 2014 when she helped us with our content creation, and also conducted a lead generation campaign for one of the biotech events we were ...

“We were impressed by their commitment and attention to detail” ~ Leonard Dumea, Owner Atelier Media

We have worked with Synapse Marketing to help us increase our prospects base and find new clients. The niche we were positioning on was very narrow – biotech companies from the ...

“They make sure project goals are met effectively” ~ Sonia Motisca, Owner of Maple Leaf Content

Cristina is very talented at what she does. Bringing the right level of professionalism and friendliness to her collaborations, she makes sure project goals are met effectively while keeping the lines ...

“They have the drive, determination, and technical know-how to implement a long-term strategy” ~ Bianca Stanescu, Content Editor & PR Specialist

In the years we’ve worked together in the IT industry, Cristina has impressed me and others with her management and technical skills. She has helped us create the first email campaign ...

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