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Synapse Marketing will provide the most comprehensive and tailor made mix of tools, channels and actions to reach your customers wherever they are. We’ll speak their language and make sure your message is effective.

List building

We create customized lists of prospects for your outbound campaigns, using a variety of tools. From the smallest of niche markets to Forbes 500, we can help you identify your potential clients however wherever they are. Why we are different:

  • we use actionable list building strategies, including account profiling and multi-channel research;
  • we research hard and test our data;
  • we have an approach oriented towards quality, not quantity.
  • we can provide any custom information you need
  • the list is created at your request, uniquely provided to you and only to you.

List cleaning

You own large amounts of customers and prospects data, but they are pretty old and haven’t brought great results lately. Sales people are complaining the data they have to work with is not great. This issue sounds too familiar to us, and we can help:

  • we will update contact’s information: title, company, contact details or any other requested information;
  • we will replace outdated contacts with new ones;
  • initial marketing and sales strategy workshop to verify your current sales strategy and align your list building efforts to it;
  • plan an actionable long-term list building plan including target market profiling, market segmentation, resources and KPIs.

Email campaigns

We will fully plan, manage and report your outreach email campaign, using our own resources or your preferred digital tools:

  • Template creation and/or customization;
  • Campaign management: setting up the email campaign or automated flow, synchronizing campaign data, adjusting campaigns;
  • Email copywriting;
  • A/B testing – we’ll test several email versions and use the most successful one;
  • Report upon KPIs – you’ll have full access to email metrics and will be able to adjust your marketing and sales strategy accordingly.

Analytics and KPIs

We’ll actively be working with you to help you improve your email campaigns success rates. We’ll analyze your current KPIs and analytics tools to:

  • Identify the KPIs that are most relevant to your current activity and across departments;
  • Identify the analytics tools that you need in order to effectively monitor your digital campaigns;
  • Help you gain a unified view on KPIs, processes, and workflows.
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